Super Survival #72: MEIA HORA DE SUPER SURVIVAL!!!

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Lirik Lagu Dean Strickland - I Believe The Lord Has Put Me Here To Sing To You

Back in 1967
An angel came down to Earth from Heaven
And told my mama she'd be having a son, and to name him Dean

Well, my mama didn't ask no questions
I got my name 'cause she followed directions
And that's when a gift from God was sent to all the ladies

At age six I picked up a guitar and sang along
With a gift for writing beautiful poems and great songs
I decided with my gift from God I'd sing to the people

Then as a very intelligent young man I started ramblin'
'Cause He watches over me I don't consider it gamblin'
When I hop in a complete strangers wheels travelin' cross-country

See, I believe the Lord has put me here to sing to you
So even if it kills me that's what I plan to do
With such purpose in life made oh, so clear to me
Who am I to argue with the powers that be?


I'm not one to argue with the powers that be

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