3 Essential Oils for Dogs

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Lirik Lagu Primal Fear - Fear (dogs Of War)

Centuries Of Blood And War
The World Is On Its Knees
Empty Heart, Fanatic Brain
Incurable Disease

Unfounded And Senseless Hate
Is Poisoning Your Nation
You Live In Sin, You're Spilling Blood
Your Soiling God's Creation

Don't Be Mad, Don't Be Insane
No One Of You Will Remain

Living In A Battle
Dogs Of War
Living In A Battle
You Have To Fight - No More

Living In A Battle - Have You Heard
Living In A Battle
Fear Is A Four Letter Word

Fighting For Shady Ideals
Your God Commands To Kill
You're Cheering In Self-confidence
But You Will Pay The Bill

You're Terrorizing Peaceful Men
Therefore You'll Find Damnation
The Only Thing You Have To Do
Is To Await Your Annihilation

Don't Be Mad, Don't Be Insane
No One Of You Will Remain


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